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How To Brew Beer

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Your search for a book that shows you how to brew beer is over! "Great Beginner's book! The problem solving section at the very back is a God send for noobs! Easy read and will continue to be very useful as a reference guide." "This is an excellent beer brewing book for anyone who wants to brew beer at home but never has. In the kits you buy at the stores they don't give you half of the items you need or even how to start instructions of any kind. The author fills in all the blanks in an easy and understandable way to the novice. I would recommend this to any one looking for a good strong starting point. Quick and easy read too, not too complicated or technical." "Great for the first time brewer! The book covers the basics of a simple brew. Once you have this down, it makes it easy to move on to more recipes." Brewing beer is simple, but one tiny mistake could destroy your entire five gallon batch. That is over 50 beers! Do you want to waste your time and money? Do you want to throw away five gallons of beer? This book will teach you how to avoid making all the common mistakes that first time brewers make all the time. Don't start your first batch of homebrew with out it! Brewing beer is a completely natural process. If you can boil water, then you can learn how to brew beer at home. It is simple and affordable. Somewhere in the grand scheme of things, we were supposed to brew beer, not drink this watered down stuff that is in the store today. We were supposed to brew that full bodied, thick rich beer that can only be made at home. This is a homebrew guide for anyone that is thinking about brewing beer for the very first time. This guide will tell you everything you need to learn how to brew beer at home. It is loaded with dozens of pictures to guide you during the entire process. Get ready to brew the best beer that you have ever tasted!

Learn Beer In 10 Easy Sips

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Beer tasting has come into its own. The goal of this book is not to make you a beer expert. It's to make drinking beer more fun - more fun for you and more fun for the people drinking with you. People who don't know beer appreciate it when there is someone who can help them navigate around all the selections that are available. People who really know a lot about beer appreciate it when there is someone who can ask them interesting questions. And when people appreciate you, it's fun to drink beer with them.

That's the plan. Diabolical, I know.

Thanks to the craft beer craze over the last couple of decades, beer drinkers have a vast variety of quality beers to enjoy. That's great! But unfortunately all that abundance can make things a whole lot more complicated. All that choice can be overwhelming. Just picking out something you will probably like can be challenge.

Selecting beer is kind of like selecting wine: to do it right you really need some understanding. That's what this book is about.

  • Reading and using this book will give you a solid foundation in beer. It will show you how to explore all those beers with complete confidence.
  • More than that, you'll understand why a given beer tastes the way it does. You will learn the various ingredients that come together to make beer and how each affects its flavor.
  • You will be able to take beer apart and understand better why certain beers appeal to you. And based on your particular preferences, you will be able to select new beers that are well worth exploring.
  • With this knowledge you will win friends and influence people - all while drinking beer.

We are blessed to live in an era in which superb beers are available in abundance to anyone with the wisdom to drink them.

Pig Tells A Whopping Great Fib

RRP $17.99

When Raj spots Bob (Pig's mum's boyfriend) kissing Tish (the one with the pink hair) outside the spare gold shop, Raj has to tell Pig. Pig is outraged. How could Bob do this to Mum? So Pig hatches a cunning plan to get rid of Bob the Love Rat. After all, Pig is good at sorting out grown-ups' lives. Boys love PIG! Peter Ian Green has another hilarious adventure in this book, one of the bestselling series 'PIG' by Barbara Catchpole. Coupled with fantastic black-and-white illustrations and an easy-to-read diary format, the laugh-out-loud humour and tale of friendship will appeal to all readers.

A Beer Brewer's Guide To Beer

RRP $16.99

101 Questions and Answers for Beer that will Tantalize your Taste Buds.

***Expanded & Updated Edition***

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of beer in all its glory?

Do you have a passion for all things beer? Beer is widely regarded as being the oldest alcoholic drink known to man. Despite its age, the popularity of beer has survived the test of time. And now you can delve deep into the wonders of this beverage with Charlie guiding you all the way.

Do you want to learn to cook with beer?

A Beer Brewer's Guide to Beer: Top 101 Q&A's for Beer Brewing, Beer Recipes and Everything Beer is packed full of alcohol facts, beer ingredients, beer and food pairings and much, much more. Do you want to learn how to improve your wifi signal with beer? Make a beer compass? Or even make beer fondue? You are about to learn things you never knew you could do with beer!

Charlie will answer all your thirsty need to know questions quickly and straight to the point. He will introduce you into a world of beer that will change the way you buy, drink and enjoy beer forever. That pint will never look the same again!.

So why wait to experience Charlie's insight into the world of beer?

Join Charlie on an amazing journey of beer food, beer brewing, beer facts and above all, thirst quenching beer!

From the Author of Dry Spice Mixes: Top 101 Q&A's for Herbs, Spices and Flavour


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